IT Consulting

Lan21 Engineers are trained professionals with years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting both enterprise networks and high availability e-commerce web sites.


Network Monitoring

Lan21 provides network monitoring program that will help your company increase its productivity and at the same time lessen the money being thrown away by fixing computers when it should’ve been prevented.

Online Backup

Online back up is simply a method of backing up documents, files, folders and other data (even the content of your entire hard disk) into a remote location, done with the use of the internet.

Maintenance Plans

If you want a cost effective way of securing your entire network, then maintenance plan is definitely for you. This is the ultimate investment that will guarantee the long term success of your business. Similar to availing a health insurance, rest assured that your network will last a long time, in the pink of health.

Spam Filtering

Lan21 provides you with spam filtering program that will definitely (as the term imply) filter 100% of spam mails. Spare yourself the hassle of acquiring virus and putting potential harm to your computer or prevent important mails to be flooded with unwanted and junk mails.