Data Center

One of the most important components of a computer network is its data center. Data center as the name implies is a place where a large amount of files are stored, which includes but are not limited to business information and client’s accounts.

Big institutions and facilities such as schools, banks, hospitals, government institutions, companies with multiple headquarters and financial institutions must have data centers to keep the records of their employees, clients, students, blueprint and information on structure of buildings, accounts, revenues and many more. The data kept at the data center are very essential for the operation of these institutions. These are vital data which cannot be lost or damaged. Anything that will cause these data centers to malfunction is prevented to the best of their abilities, in order to maintain a smooth running operation. These centers are protected with back up storage and mirror drives to prevent unexpected and irreversible data loss. These back up sources are also being powered up not just through an electricity source but also with a battery source in case a power interruption occurs.

According to research 44% of data loss is due to hardware or system malfunction, 32% is due to human error, 14% can be blamed on software malfunction, the other 7% from computer viruses and 3% from natural disasters. Most of these are uncontrollable reasons for data loss hence inevitable. However, with data centers, these data are secured and kept safe and even tested to withstand all natural and physical disasters which can bring about data loss.

To ensure the optimized efficiency of a data center, IT operation is a crucial part. The goal of every data center is to guarantee business continuity and to make these data readily available for the business to have a smooth running operation. Aside from that security concerns should also be considered, which means, data centers should be protected to assure that there will be no security breach and all information will be kept confidential.

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Trust Data Center Services provided by lan21 with the versatility of its IT professionals and equipment. Be certain that your data are in good hands and will be kept secured under strict supervision and controlled environment to withstand the inevitable errors that can bring about data loss.