Hosting is actually a site or service that allows an individual or an organization to get a “space” for their websites so it will be accessible to world wide web. It is like renting a space online for your website, so that it will be available publicly. Just like having a physical address, a website also has a unique virtual location known as the Domain Name System. If humans need home, your website also needs a place to call home.

There are a lot of advantages of availing for a web hosting services. One of which is that you get to host your own domain name. If you will have your own business online, it will be easier for the people to remember your url address because it includes your company name. This is a major disadvantage when availing a free web host online, where in, you don’t get to customize and personalize your domain name. Aside from that, you also get to control your website flexibly. This will allow you to better enhance your website such as installing scripts, forums, software and a lot more. You can also add keywords so people will easily find your website on search engines. One of the many wonderful features of getting your own hosting account is that you get to create your email address with your domain name, in this way people will have the impression that you are taking your business very seriously and it gives your website a professional “feel” to it. Having your own hosting account also spare you the risk of losing all your data online, especially if there happens to be some disaster or trouble with your free web host service.

Lan21 offers a web hosting service that is reliable, dedicated and cost effective. We guarantee the server uptime to be more than 99% to make sure that very little time is spent during website upgrades. Lan21 caters to website of medium to large scale businesses or organization. We can allocate disc space of more than 100MB and bandwidth of more than 5GB. We ensure off site back ups so website data will be kept safe and secure.

Our technical support team is composed of highly skilled individuals ready to give a prompt assistance to our clients 24/7. Rest assured that lan21’s web hosting services will provide you a cost effective means to all your hosting needs at a very reasonable price!