IT Staffing

Lan21, hires, trains and molds IT professionals to become globally competitive. We only hire the best IT graduates from all over United States to be part of your workforce. Aside from that we also conduct manpower pooling of IT individuals with years of experience and with impressive credentials for our IT Staffing services.

A survey conducted in 2005 showed that 90% of companies in Northern America make advantage of the staffing services online to hire temporarily and permanently. Also a huge number of about 2 million per day is being employed through staffing services online, 20% of which comprises of IT staffs.

The workforce could either make or break the success of a company. Hire the wrong person and you’ll see your company on the brink of failure. Aside from risking your company’s success, it’s also a waste of money and time to invest on wrong individuals on certain tasks and responsibilities. Lan21 conducts rigorous screening of IT individuals, giving you a higher chance of hiring the right person appropriate for the job. Lan21 will most likely provide you with a workforce that are highly skilled, with years of experience, packaged with the proper character and attitude to be able to flourish well in the work setting. Cut training cost and hire only the best trained individuals, also improve productivity and your client’s satisfaction by hiring the right people in your company!