Maintenance plans

If you want a cost effective way of securing your entire network, then maintenance plan is definitely for you. This is the ultimate investment that will guarantee the long term success of your business. Similar to availing a health insurance, rest assured that your network will last a long time, in the pink of health.

Maintenance plan consists of several IT services that will guarantee an optimized database that is regularly backed up, and is free of inconsistencies. Maintenance plan can run automatically on a scheduled routine or manually as needed.

Some companies don’t usually invest on this kind of support back up, until a problem (which could either be decreased productivity, servers run out of disk space, and in worst case, corrupt database) is recognized, then they realize the importance of these maintenance plans.

The goal of these plans is to minimize as much as possible and ideally prevent inconsistencies with the system which can disrupt and affect productivity. Aside from that it can also help determine potential problems and so that it can be addressed the earliest time possible, thus, preventing a major network breakdown or preventing thing’s to get worse. A proactive company has to have a reliable maintenance plan to be able to survive and run its operations smoothly in a long time.

With lan21, rest assured of the support services twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, technical support team comprises of trained professionals with years of experience available every single day of the year to aid and assist you remotely with your network trouble. Maintenance services such as software updates, product enhancements, online back up, documentation updates, bug fixes, and a lot more will be catered to you on a regular basis or as needed depending on your company’s needs.

Get the assurance of a long term guaranteed health of your network without the hassle of spending a lot of time, effort and money. Why risk and wait until a problem is recognized, if you can prevent it from happening?