Network Monitoring

They say the success of the company depends on the employee’s capability and productivity, how they are motivated to work and finish the tasks that are given to them. In most companies, employees are paid on an hourly basis, and as a proactive boss, how will you make sure that your employees are indeed working and not spending their time on recreational temptations over the internet?

Imagine a huge company with over a hundred employees, each with their own computer but (assuming not all of them has knowledge with troubleshooting). If the ratio of employees to computer is 1:1, then every working day each computer must be functioning well enough to maximize the productivity of each employee. Question is, do you still need to employ ten technicians to look after ten computers each, in that way, in case a problem arises, they will come in handy?

Let me reiterate what is mentioned above. The company’s productivity will most likely result to the success of the business. Productivity doesn’t just have to be dependent on the employees but the computers as well. Meaning, both must be functioning to its optimum to be able to achieve the highest possible productivity. In addition to this, decreased productivity also decreases costumer’s satisfaction, leaving your business in the brink of failure.

We must admit in a generation of cyberworld, where social media, online games, youtube and online communication is almost part of everybody’s lives, its inevitable to incorporate these things into work. Does it interfere with productivity? Having access to different websites will also make the computers vulnerable to breakdowns and deteriorating performance.

The solution to this problem is network monitoring. Lan21 provides network monitoring program that will help your company increase its productivity and at the same time lessen the money being thrown away by fixing computers when it should’ve been prevented. Network monitor is getting an eye on every computer’s activity. In other words its like having control and vision of what’s going on in each and every computer in the company. At the same time this program will help detect hardware and connection failures before it crash. By doing this it helps you save a lot ot money, time and energy, preventing the problem before it gets worse. Aside from this, the employees, having the knowledge that they are monitored will be able to resist more on the temptation of leisure on the internet and be able to focus entirely their eight hours purely dedicated to their tasks and responsibilities. If you want that smooth running business, lan 21 can provide you with tried and tested program that will spy on every single computer in your network. Make that 180 degree turn from where your company is right now and start network monitoring and see how productivity and entire business will improve in a matter of days.