Online Backup

Various research, conducted showed that 6% of all PCs have experienced an episode of data loss in a year. In addition to that 31% of computer users have gone through a major data loss beyond their control. More than half of companies who have lost their data will most probably shut down in six months. Every week, there is an estimated 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States. Indeed, data loss is an inevitable problem.

Then came online back up. Online back up is simply a method of backing up documents, files, folders and other data (even the content of your entire hard disk) into a remote location, done with the use of the internet. Through this service, the risk of data loss, due to file corruption, and other disasters, can be avoided. Online back up services provide the computer users a cost effective way to protect their irreplaceable files. This is the best alternative to optimize and assure that important files are kept safe! These are just few of the many benefits of online back up.

There are many ways to store documents. Traditional means can be done with the use of CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, additional computers, jump drives and many more. This works just fine for others, however, this kind of data storage still doesn’t guarantee a 100% security. In the case of disasters and catastrophe such as during a fire and flood or when these external storages are stolen, then data loss is actualized. Aside from those mentioned above, it also offers convenience and saves a lot of time, since manually transferring files and labeling each disks can really be time consuming.

Online back up service provided by lan21 is guaranteed to be kept confidential and secured through encryption and password protection. Many would have concerns regarding a third party getting hold of their valuable documents but with lan21 rest assured that documents are kept intact, where in the main client is the only person licensed to view and manage the documents. File sharing and viewing is only done with the main client’s strict discretion and approval. Aside from that lan21 offers state of the art facilities, with high quality firewalls, using diversified ISPs, and clustering and mirroring techniques to guarantee secured data which can always be readily available to the client. Be confident that your documents are in good hands with lan21. Trust only the best, safeguard your data now!