Site Survey

Ever been into a large building which offers free wifi service, but end up not being able to access the internet because it lacks signal? It’s either you can’t find a good signal unless you go directly into an access point or the internet connection is just too slow. Large facilities like hospitals, buildings, shopping malls, with wifi services must go through site survey to be able to maximize adequate coverage of internet.

What is site survey? Site survey is a method used to determine the right placement of access points to be able to maximize the wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and quality of service. Little do wireless users know that there are actually certain interferences that disrupt wifi coverage. Obstacles such as doors, elevator shafts, walls and people often obstruct the intensity of signals. If you want the radio frequency signal to reach all parts of the facility, then RF(radio frequency) Site Survey is a must.

If you want to have a successful wireless site, it is always wise to start with a site survey. It will give an assurance and guarantee a successful coverage. This will put up a good foundation for a building facility with wireless network. The main goal is to be able to maximize the network coverage by identifying problems that will disrupt the radio frequency and correspond to those problems accordingly and at the same time strategically locate the proper placement of access points.

Site survey is definitely recommended in medium to large scale businesses. It is like conducting a feasibility study or research before putting up your wireless network. The efficacy of the network is dependent on the productivity of the workers. Without site survey, performance degradation, cost overruns and security breach is at major risk. Success must be preceded with good planning and proper implementation. Therefore, the importance of planning with site survey will result to optimization of access points, increased quality of service, it will minimize network interferences, can serve as the blueprint for growth and potentially hasten return of income due to the smooth running of your business.

Lan21 provides you the best team of trained professionals with years of experience which also possess solid knowledge of wireless environment and technologies. The expert team of lan21 will guarantee that the site survey will be conducted on a well diagrammed and documented survey to ensure the efficiency and productivity as well as the success of your business. Rest assured that lan21 will ascertain that you will be able to establish a smooth running operation in your business with the site survey program.