Spam Filtering

Ever got annoyed with unsolicited messages in your email? Or have you experienced not checking your mail for one week and when you logged on to your email, you get surprised with the number of emails you get, which is mostly spam mails. Worst case, you opened the wrong email and then next you thing you know, its nothing but virus! So you will need to have your whole computer be formatted and might have probably caused you painful data loss and a couple of dollars to get your computer fixed. What is more painful is that, some of these spam mails contain pornographic materials that are definitely not suitable for minors. Imagine your kids getting exposed to pornographic materials through email, something that is beyond parental control.

What is spam mail? Spam mails are technically mails that you do not want in your inbox. They can be in a form of an advertisement, getting-rich-the-easy-way type of email scam, it can also be a medium to spread virus, or it can be in a form of frauds, and scams. Spam mails are basically similar messages, forcibly sent to a large group of individuals.

Globally, there is an estimated 14.5 billion spam messages sent and if you check your email right now, and go through it, you’ll notice that roughly 45% of the whole email content comprises of spam and junk mails. In a survey conducted, at least 52% of people consider spam mails to be a major problem. The United States is said to generate the most number of spam mails. Majority of those spams are said to be related to identity theft or an email that is in a form of fraud or assuming the identity of someone else’s to cheat and steal important personal information such as credit card number. Money laundering with the use of email is also a very common scenario. Identity theft through email accounts to almost 73% of all spam mails. In fact, according to a recent study conducted, spam actually costs businesses a total of $20 billion yearly due to decreased productivity and technical problems.

If you are in this situation right now where in you feel and agree that spam mails are indeed a major problem and if you happen to open mistakenly a spam mail which happened to be a virus and it had caused you a lot of dollars for technical repair and not to mention data loss, then spam filter is what you need.

Lan21 provides you with spam filtering program that will definitely (as the term imply) filter 100% of spam mails. Spare yourself the hassle of acquiring virus and putting potential harm to your computer or prevent important mails to be flooded with unwanted and junk mails. If you want a guaranteed protection and if you want to be efficient in checking your emails, then spam filtering service is definitely for you!